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Sustainability Report



Corporate Culture of Honesty and Integrity圖片1
Getac believes that an ethical corporate culture is the foundation of corporate sustainability. Ethical conducts must start with day-to-day practices, and will gradually become integrated into
the company's culture and employee behavior. Getac's Employee Code of Conduct requires employees to "Be the Best, Be Sincere and Honest, Take Responsibility, and Create Value." Our offices and plants constantly advocate the company's sincere and honest corporate culture and employees characteristics, through orientation training, the company's official website, or our Intranet portal. They also provide anti-corruption reporting channels. Supervisors will occasionally issues reminders so as to ensure that 100% of our employees are fully aware of the company's level of attention to ethical conducts and that they are sincere and honest in work-related activities.

In order to implement the education of integrity and strengthen the international anti-corruption trend promotion, Getac Technology Corp. incorporated anti-corruption and human rights education into employee compulsory training in 2018, and compiled unified teaching materials, covered the introduction of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles, Codes of Ethical Conduct for Employees, Confidentiality of Material Information and Prohibition of Insider Trading, Codes of Conduct for Cooperation with Suppliers, and Regulations for Reward and Punishment of Reporting Corruption and Malpractice. Introduced the human rights protection of employees in the Chapters on Labor Human Rights, including law compliance working-hour and non-forced labor, prohibiting child labor, gender work equality, and eliminating sexual harassment. The anti-corruption course adopts rolling training. In addition to the new employees who are compulsory for study, all employees are targeted for retraining every year, for employees to bear in mind the importance of human rights and anti-corruption. The percentage of training was 100% in 2018.

With respect to external governance, vendors who exchange transactions more than NT$80,000 with Getac must sign the Most Favorable Treatment and No-Corruption Guarantee Agreement. If a vendor does not sign such an agreement, the system will automatically suspend any payment activities, in order to prevent vulnerabilities. Contracts signed with vendors also provide information on reporting hotlines. The Audit Division of the company is responsible for handling complaints concerning unethical conducts.


Getac monitors and checks corruption incidents through internal control and internal audit systems. Material corruption risks identified through risk assessments include violation of trade secrets, embezzlement, theft and distribution of company assets, and reception of rebate or improper benefits.
We did not find or receive any internal or external reports of unethical conducts by all operational sites in 2018, as disclosed in this report.

Whistleblowing System
To dispose of and prevent illegal matters violating ethical management or corruption policies, Getac mandates explicit rewarding and punishment system and simultaneously announce the Anti-Corruption Informant Regulation, which provides a comprehensive whistleblowing system. The auditor shall setup a Project Investigation Committee to conduct investigation three days after receiving the filed report. If the report is found to be true, in addition to requesting relevant division to make improvements before the specified deadline, the Committee shall impose punishment on the involved individual pursuant to the law and shall take legal action against the individual to seek for damage compensation and serve as warning for others.
Getac has established a mailbox for internal and external individuals to provide feedback or report violations of integrity and code of ethical conduct. The reporting mailbox is specified in supplier contracts. The informant will be given a maximum reporting reward of NT$200,000 or 5% of the loss amount. The report or relevant information will be strictly kept confidential to protect the informant against threat, intimidation, retaliation, or other illegal act. Such illegal act against the Informant shall be severely punished pursuant to the law.


Irregular Business Conduct Reporting Contact
Head of Auditing Office

Anti-competitive Behavior
Anti-competitive Behavior means that Corporations build the barriers for others entering into the industry by the behaviors of restricting market competition, joint monopoly, fixed prices and trusts. All major global markets have stipulated laws and regulations to prohibit anti-competitive behaviors, such as the US Anti-trust Law, European Anti-competitive Behavior Law, China and Russia Anti-monopoly Law, and the Taiwan Fair Trade Act.

Getac Technology Corp. markets rugged computer all over the world, and the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) process is established internally, to perform local sales through the global distributor system, provide transparent and open MSRP suggested price to the distribution system and does not intervene the distributor's final retail price. In addition, Article 8.6 of the Company's Distributors Contract states that partners are required to comply with local laws and regulations and must not be involved in any violation of fair competition-related laws and regulations, thereby undermining market competition mechanisms. Getac was not involved in any anti-competitive behavior, antitrust and monopoly related lawsuits in 2018, and there was no closed legal action.

Regulatory Compliance
Getac strictly abides by regulatory laws relating to corporate governance and integrity management, environmental protection, and labor human rights to implement civic and law-related education within the organization. There were no incidents of the following violations in 2018:
1. Major penalties for environmental protection and related disputes
2. Significant penalties or non-monetary sanction due to legal violation.
3. Product or service in violation of consumer health and safety laws and principles.
4. Product or service in violation of information or labeling laws and principles.
5. Significant fines for violating the relevant laws and decrees related to provide or use the products or services
6. Marketing activities (including advertising, promotion, and sponsorships) in violation of relevant laws and principles.
7. Violation of anti-competitive behaviors, anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws and regulations.



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