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Sustainability Report



Getac fulfills its duties as a corporate citizen and actively promotes charitable causes with the goals of supporting the disadvantaged and fostering future talents. Every year, the Board of Directors will reserve a special portion of our profit and donate it to the Getac Charity Trust Fund, which uses these funds to support disadvantaged groups and encourage Getac employees to do good deeds. In 2018, Getac donated a total of NT$3.26 million. Except the continuous donation to the students under poverty line for study and Center for Children and Families, Getac also supports the Y.S. Award of the Y.S. Educational Foundation to facilitate the future development of these students and help the country cultivate new experts in the technology and innovation industry.

Improving Rural Digital Education圖片17897898
After the investigation and research, we have found that  the gap between rutal and urban edcational resources at the present, due to lack of teachers resources in the rural area schools and the gap of students’ learning that there is no way to be taken care. After a long period of time with accumulated frustration in learning, the students can only leave the school in the end. 

In order to systematically shift resources in rural area education, shorten the gap of digital learning, and enhance students' interest in learning, Getac Technology Corp. donated to three schools of Yuli Junior School, Huaren Junior School and Zhungyuan Elementary School in Hualien County to purchase 91 sets of computers and build the "Junyi Education Platform" for the use of after school tutoring and all were completed in 2018, benefited thousands of students.


Support Rural Small Farmers圖片18768
Because of the concern for the health of employees, Getac Technology Corp. hopes to let employees understand the importance of a balanced diet while busy from a lively and interesting perspective through different activities. Every meal seems to be only a small matter alone, but the accumulation of small things every day is the key event that affects the health. In order to emphasize the importance of nutritionally balanced “good food”, we have found “BuyNearBy”. “BuyNearBy” is a social enterprise established in 2010. Since BuyNearBy recognized that farmers who adopt organic farming methods often face difficulties in selling, and many unnecessary food wastes in the society come from the lack of information. Therefore, this platform has been created to allow interested individuals or businesses to purchase directly from small farmers. In addition to support environmental friendliness, it also avoids the price difference caused by unnecessary transportation in the middle, and allows the surplus food to be shared with people with needs through information exchange.

With the understanding and personal network of BuyNearBy for small farmers, and started with 2018 as the target to purchase the seasonal fruits once a month, and will take priority consideration if it happens to encounter fruit slow sales, falling prices, or farmers who need special help. The fruits delivered shall not be over-packaged and caused waste. The fruits left after five o'clock on the same day will be sent to the nearby Social Welfare Center introduced by BuyNearBy to share with the community neighbors.

Cultivating Industrial Experts
Getac and its affiliates have cooperated to organize the Y.S. Award since 2003. 2018 marked the 16th year of the competition. The theme for this year was “iGEN Your generation" which was aimed at encouraging new generation showcase their creativity with software and hardware integrated solutions, from the perspective of caring for the society, sustainable environment, cultural value and design/media experience, to respond to the future of human being with AI technology, to create a whole new era for all the people.
  • 2018 Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology Students under Poverty Line Living Allowance – “Bodhi Seeds” Industry-Academia Cooperation Program and benefited 504 persons.
  • Co-organized and sponsored the Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology “Tzu Chi Culture and Art Camp” and benefited 110 persons.
  • Donated to “Taiwan Science and Technology Public Welfare Association” and benefited 20 persons.
  • Supported the student of “Family Diligence Foundation”, Department of Public Management and Policy, Tunghai University and benefited 1 person.
  • Donated to “Mennonite Hualien New Dawn Education and Nursing Institute”
  • Donated to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Taitung Branch Office “Taitung Fund for Children and Families Educational Sponsorship” and benefited 14 persons.
  • Donated to “Blind Education Concerns Association of Taipei”


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